European culture, language and identity in a new world

Products (planning)

The project  website is the focus point and the communication platform of the project work. All the tasks and results of the work are documented and published there. At the end of the three-year-project a multimedia DVD is produced which includes all the project results.

The following end products are to be produced:

-          Materials and tasks for an interdisciplinary bilingual carousel (“learning circle”) on the topic “Cultures in Europe”

-          Material for teaching units for independent student work (bilingual, interdisciplinary, intercultural) on the topics of  “The Change and Development of Language” and “The Globalization of Work”

-          Posters and placards for exhibitions on project topics

-          A European festival calendar

-          A collection of typical national recipes, a “Small European Cookery Book”

-          A travel guide book “Europe in 16 Days” with a “Guide on How to Behave in Europe”