European culture, language and identity in a new world


The two project meetings with teachers and students in each project year ensure a continued common planning process and a regular common evaluation of the project. At each meeting the progress of the project with regard to its aims is discussed and, if necessary, alterations are made to achieve the aims more successfully. The close cooperation among the participating teachers in the whole project period  facilitates the regular evaluation of the project. The formation of teacher teams who are responsible for certain parts of the project makes evaluation easier as well.

At the second project meeting in each project year the project work is evaluated by the participating students. At the end of each project year all the participating students in the project fill in a questionnaire to evaluate the project.

The impact on the heads of schools, the school and the school community is evaluated by handing  out questionnaires and by interviewing heads, students and parents.

The continuing work on the project in the project groups and the evaluation of this work by the responsible teacher (students are sometimes given tests on project topics) shows the impact on students quite clearly.

Another part of the evaluation is the statistical analysis of the number of participating students and teachers and a survey on how well-known the project is in the school community.